VCMA offers a wide variety of lessons and classes to ensure that you have the opportunity to learn your instrument of choice in a way that is best suited to you.


Our Free Trial Lesson is offered in person or online!

If you're unsure if taking lessons is for you and would like to try it out, we would be happy to gift you a free trial lesson in any instrument you choose. Simply call us at 805-419-5010 or fill out our contact form here.

Private Lessons

Our lessons are available IN PERSON or ONLINE via Zoom, FaceTime, or Skype


PIANO        GUITAR        VIOLIN        BASS        DRUMS        VOICE

One 30 minute lesson per week - $35

One 45 minute lesson per week- $50

One 60 minute lesson per week - $65

Private lessons are weekly one-on-one sessions. In these sessions, a teacher is able to clearly assess a student's learning style to effectively teach that student and guide them along the path to becoming a successful musician and performer. The instructor works with the student on music, theory, ear training, rhythm, and gives instructions each week on what to do at home and how to practice. Depending on the level of the student, they are expected to practice between 3-5 days a week before their next lesson. The student that gets the most out of their lessons is one that practices on a consistent basis at home.


All VCMA students are invited to a once a month private performance. This is an informal small group performance time for students to showcase the progress they have made that month. It is a great way to get students prepared for our bi-annual formal recitals and become more comfortable playing in front of people.

We conduct our practice performances at Alma Via Retirement Home in Camarillo located at 2500 N. Ponderosa Drive.


Recitals are a way for students to showcase their hard work over the course of time. Recitals are bi-annual (May and December) so students can showcase their 6 month progress. Students are not required to participate in recitals, but they are highly encouraged as performance is part of being a musician. Students are expected to memorize their music at recitals.

These recitals take place at Mount Cross Lutheran Church in Camarillo.


Thank you for your dedication and support of the music academy! In an effort to keep this academy running smoothly, we have updated some of our policies for our current and new students.

VCMA Updated Policies